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LeanKit has proven success with organizations across a variety of industries. From small teams to distributed enterprises, thousands of customers use LeanKit every day to work more effectively.

See How Customers Use LeanKit

Learn how an IT Team at the leading U.S. healthcare service provider improved turnaround time by 50%.

LeanKit has become Vertafore's standard tool for managing workflow based on Lean-Agile principles.

See how REA Group is using LeanKit to implement agile and lean practices throughout the entire organization.

See how LeanKit has become the "place where people go to know what’s going on" at Emma.

Learn how the software development team uses LeanKit to drive continuous improvement.

See how this accounting firm uses LeanKit to track and manage more than 1,400 tax returns each year.

Find out how Vaco is scaling its business with LeanKit, achieving an ROI of 13,597% in the first year.

Find out how LeanKit provides the structure to execute efficiently and stay sane in a fast-moving startup.

Find out how TLRG uses LeanKit to apply Lean practices at the team and portfolio levels to deliver high-quality software.

Meet a Few of Our Customers


LeanKit supports the practical implementation of Lean and Kanban to help development, QA and IT Operations teams deliver high-quality software more efficiently.


By focusing on value-added activity, technology companies use LeanKit to optimize business processes, improve customer satisfaction and improve their ROI.


While striving to satisfy customer demands in the face of fierce competition, telecom companies choose LeanKit to optimize cost efficiencies and eliminate waste.

Financial Services

LeanKit helps financial services firms utilize Lean management principles to streamline business processes and capitalize on market opportunities.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are embracing Lean methods, using LeanKit to achieve faster turnaround times and improve patient outcomes.


Manufacturing is where the Lean management philosophy was born. Today, these companies choose LeanKit to drive continuous improvement beyond the shop floor.

Construction & Real Estate

LeanKit supports Lean Construction practices, helping Architecture, Engineering andConstruction (AEC) professionals get projects done faster with lower costs.

Media & Entertainment

In the face of changing consumer viewing habits and evolving technology platforms, LeanKit gives media and entertainment companies the ability to adapt quickly.


LeanKit provides retail organizations with the short-term, low-risk versatility needed to react quickly to changing market demands.


A different energy business model is emerging, focused on efficiency and cost gains. LeanKit provides an "alternative" source of workflow management to support these goals.


Lean management is becoming more prevalent in education, prompting colleges and universities to use LeanKit for tracking academic research and administrative processes.

Other Industries

Organizations across all industries — including professional services, legal and accounting firms — use LeanKit to visualize, measure and improve their business processes.

You can purchase LeanKit within the application anytime during your trial, or continue with our free Lite Edition Lite edition is free for up to three users and comes with two kanban boards. at the end.